How did I get a job in Canada

How did I get a job in Canada after my graduation?

After graduation it is important to know how to write your resume, cover letter and how to attend...

Can I pay tuition fee with my part-time savings in canada?

Can I Pay Tuition Fee With My Part Time Savings in Canada?

Most of the students have a question that if they can pay their tuition fee with their part time job...

How is it like to be in a diversified classroom in Canada?

How is it like to be in a diversified classroom in Canada?

If you are interested to learn about life in KPU, this is a must watch. David shares his experiences...

My quarantine experience upon arrival in Canada

My quarantine experience upon arrival in Canada

Nidhi has shared her amazing experience from the time she boarded the flight in Canada until her...

Document Checklist for Canadian International Students

Travelling abroad for studies is a busy time for students. There are various documentation, ...


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is it difficult to get a job in canada

Is It Difficult to Find a Job in Canada? Why?

Why is it difficult to get a job in Canada? I hear this from most of the people I know personally. Is it because Canada has a bad economy, or is there a lack of job opportunities, or is it just the immigrants finding it hard to get jobs in Canada?  Canada expects applicants to have Canadian

Co-living in Canada

Co-Living in Canada (Contd..)

Experiences of an Indian ex-pat. Equatorial expats in particular will be intrigued to know that the vast North is home to a subterranean society of basement apartments. Some basement apartments get natural light however, freshly flown in expats are particularly vulnerable to the compounded effect of living underground, endless rain and SAD – or seasonal affective disorder.



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